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Salus Cyber


Defence grade services
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Who we are

Our Services

Protect what you value most, with a security partner you can trust.

From initial dialogue through to completed project reporting, remediation and correction - we go the extra mile to strengthen your security position and give you confidence in us.

Firstline of defence

Known Knowns

Penetration testing systems responsible for defending your business, whilst securing cloud environments and identifying network vulnerabilities.

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Secondline of defence

Known Unknowns

Mapping and defining policies, frameworks, tools, and techniques to protect your most valuable assets in order to minimise your risk profile.

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Thirdline of defence

Unknown Unknowns

Auditing and ‘real life’ 360° testing your defence to ensure resilience from every angle, with clear guidance on how to improve.

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“I have never witnessed any other supplier go to the lengths Salus Cyber has, to make our organisation a safer and more cyber secure place to do business.”

CISO at global defence prime.

How we work

What makes us different?

Bespoke - we never re-use reports.
Strategy - business acumen combined with technical brains.
Quality - projects overseen by UK CHECK Team Leader.
Skills - defence grade experience.
Service - unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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