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Salus Cyber

Line of defence

Unknown Unknowns

What risks are you unaware of?

We don't know, what we don't know.

So how do you mitigate the unknown cyber threats to your business?

We ensure your internal control framework is resilient enough to deal with any unexpected cyber risks that may arise in your business. This is a truly strategic approach that leaves no stone uncovered, with no eventuality unaccounted for – putting the 2nd line of defence under pressure to see how it holds up.

Our 3rd line of defence services all stem from auditing - working with you as external auditors or as an extension of your information security team - so we can evaluate the overall process of cyber risk governance for your entire organisation.




The CISO for a large Tier 1 defence prime needed strategic support to identify unknown risk points.

By embedding Salus Cyber into their corporate strategy, the CISO released pressure from his core security team.

Salus Cyber implemented a risk hunting program over an extended period of time in order to identify unknown unknowns. This moved beyond traditional red teaming - instead a bespoke, targeted audit was designed to identify new or unmeasured risks.

With our findings, aligned to business strategy, a clear remediation plan was put into place.

Salus Cyber also became the technical expertise to rely on - stepping in to fill the gaps of cyber security skills.

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