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Maturity Assessment

Assess how developed your organisation's security is.

Understand how well your organisation is set up to manage cyber risk.

Salus Cyber’s Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive analysis that evaluates your organisation’s current security measures and assesses their effectiveness. By comparing your best practices against industry standards, regulatory requirements, and stakeholder expectations, our model provides valuable insights into your cybersecurity maturity. It identifies areas for improvement and helps prioritise investments to safeguard your data and protect your reputation.

Our Cybersecurity Maturity Model aligns with recognised standards, including ISO 27001, GDPR, and The Data Protection Act. Even if your organisation doesn’t have specific regulatory obligations, this model offers a comprehensive view of security best practices that can elevate your overall security posture.


  • Holistic View: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s cybersecurity strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement across various domains.


  • Actionable Insights: Receive specific recommendations and a roadmap to enhance your cybersecurity posture, prioritise investments, and allocate resources effectively.


  • Risk Prioritisation: Identify and prioritise risks based on their potential impact and likelihood, allowing you to focus on the most critical areas.


  • Compliance Alignment: Ensure your cybersecurity program aligns with industry best practices and regulatory requirements, enhancing your overall compliance posture.


  • Enhanced Resilience: Strengthen your organisation’s ability to detect, prevent, respond to, and recover from cyber threats, improving your overall cybersecurity resilience.


As part of our maturity assessment services, we offer optional retests to validate that your organisation’s security measures have progressed and aligned with the desired maturity targets.



Our maturity assessment provides a baseline for measuring progress over time. By repeating the assessment periodically, you can track your organisation’s security maturity and demonstrate continuous improvement. This enables you to adapt and evolve your security practices to keep pace with emerging threats and changing business needs.


A maturity assessment allows you to gain a holistic understanding of your organisation’s current security measures and identify any gaps or weaknesses. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough evaluation to assess the effectiveness of your security controls, helping you enhance your overall security posture.


Many organisations may not fully understand the importance and benefits of conducting a maturity assessment. We address this challenge by providing educational resources and raising awareness about the value of maturity assessments in improving the security posture, compliance, and overall risk management.


Assessing an organisation’s maturity across various security domains and compliance frameworks can be complex and time-consuming. We simplify the process by utilising our Cybersecurity Maturity Model and aligning it with relevant industry standards. This approach streamlines the assessment, ensuring comprehensive coverage while minimising disruption to your daily operations.

How we work

Customer Journey

  1. Identify

    First, we take time to familiarise ourselves with your business. This allows us to clearly understand your requirements, your business risks, your key pain-points, and the outcomes you’re looking for.

  2. Understand

    We turn those requirements into crystal-clear scoping and test plan documents, so you know precisely what we’ll be doing, when we will be doing it, and how we will do it.

  3. Test

    We deliver what we promised.

  4. Inform

    Every report we create is unique based on your business, we don’t use cookie cutter data for our summaries or our remediation plans. Our precise and concise findings brief will advise what steps your business needs to take next to reduce cyber risk.

  5. Remediate

    We can ensure that the remediation process is tracked and coordinated within your business, we will allocate resources to point you in the right directions or if you need our help directly with remediation, we’ve got you covered.

  6. Feedback

    Your opinion is important to us, so we send a questionnaire to every one of our customers after each project – so you can let us know how we did.

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