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Salus Cyber

Infrastructure Testing

Wi-Fi Testing

Assess the resilience of your Wi-Fi implementation.

Our comprehensive Wi-Fi penetration testing service simulates real-world attacks to uncover vulnerabilities, helping to ensure the security of your network and prevent costly data breaches.

Our Wi-Fi testing service is an essential step in securing your organisation’s wireless networks. Our team of experienced and certified consultants hold both Crest and Cyberscheme CHECK team leader certificates, ensuring that we have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with a comprehensive and effective Wi-Fi testing service.


  • Discovery: Our Wi-Fi testing process includes a comprehensive discovery phase that uses the latest tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities in your network. This includes both automated and manual testing to ensure that all vulnerabilities are identified.


  • Testing: Our team of experts will perform a range of tests, including network segmentation testing, rogue access point detection, physical perimeter testing, and wireless intrusion detection, to identify any potential security weaknesses in your Wi-Fi network.


During the discovery phase, we will identify your Wi-Fi network's access control mechanisms and encryption protocols. This includes assessing the strength of your encryption protocols and identifying any weak passwords or other access control weaknesses that attackers could exploit.


  • Analysis: Once we have identified vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi network, our team of experts will analyse the results to determine the severity of each vulnerability and the potential impact on your network. We use an objective and repeatable approach to prioritise vulnerabilities based on their severity and the potential impact on your business.


Our analysis includes a detailed assessment of each vulnerability, including the underlying cause, the potential impact on your business, and our recommendations for addressing the vulnerability. We provide clear, concise information that is tailored to your unique business requirements, and we work closely with you to ensure that our recommendations are practical and effective.


Many regulations and standards, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, require regular Wi-Fi testing to maintain compliance. Conducting regular tests helps organisations stay compliant and avoid costly fines and penalties.


Our Wi-Fi testing services provide more than just a report on vulnerabilities. We offer clear, straightforward remediation advice that considers your unique business requirements and provides a holistic approach to securing your network. Our team of experts has experience across all cybersecurity domains, including CISO experience and incident response, which allows us to provide comprehensive solutions beyond penetration testing.


Wi-Fi networks can be vulnerable to unauthorised access by cybercriminals, leading to data breaches, theft of sensitive information, and other security issues. Our Wi-Fi testing services can help identify any weaknesses in your access control mechanisms and encryption to prevent unauthorised access to your network.


Wi-Fi testing provides organisations with a better understanding of the extent and coverage of their wireless network, identifying areas where additional security measures may be needed. This helps improve overall network visibility and enables organisations to make informed decisions about their security posture.

How we work

Customer Journey

  1. Identify

    First, we take time to familiarise ourselves with your business. This allows us to clearly understand your requirements, your business risks, your key pain-points, and the outcomes you’re looking for.

  2. Understand

    We turn those requirements into crystal-clear scoping and test plan documents, so you know precisely what we’ll be doing, when we will be doing it, and how we will do it.

  3. Test

    We deliver what we promised.

  4. Inform

    Every report we create is unique based on your business, we don’t use cookie cutter data for our summaries or our remediation plans. Our precise and concise findings brief will advise what steps your business needs to take next to reduce cyber risk.

  5. Remediate

    We can ensure that the remediation process is tracked and coordinated within your business, we will allocate resources to point you in the right directions or if you need our help directly with remediation, we’ve got you covered.

  6. Feedback

    Your opinion is important to us, so we send a questionnaire to every one of our customers after each project – so you can let us know how we did.

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