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Social Engineering

Improve your employees awareness of social engineering.

Protect your company's most valuable asset - your employees - with our targeted social engineering assessments and training services, designed to identify vulnerabilities in your processes and enhance your company's security posture.

Social engineering assessments are a crucial step in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your organisation’s security posture. At Salus Cyber, our social engineering assessment process is designed to provide a customised service to test and train your employees' awareness of social engineering tactics, helping you identify and address any weaknesses within your organisation against these attacks.


  • Comprehensive assessments: Our social engineering assessments cover a range of attack vectors, including email phishing, phone pretexting, and physical site visits. We use a variety of social engineering techniques to simulate real-world attacks, allowing us to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organisation’s security posture.


  • Realistic simulations: We use the latest techniques and tactics to create simulations that closely resemble actual attacks. This provides valuable insights into how your employees would react in a real-world scenario, helping to identify areas where additional training and awareness are needed.


  • Targeted training: Our assessments include targeted training and education to help employees recognise and respond appropriately to social engineering attacks. This training is customised to your organisation’s specific needs and focuses on improving employee resilience to social engineering attacks.


  • Customized approach: We work closely with our clients to tailor our assessments to their specific needs and industry requirements. This ensures that our assessments are effective and provide maximum value to our clients.


In addition to these benefits, our social engineering services can also help:


  • Identify weaknesses in their security policies and procedures related to social engineering attacks.


  • Implement targeted solutions and policies to improve their overall security posture against social engineering attacks.


  • Stay up to date on the latest social engineering techniques and tactics through ongoing interactive and engaging training and education.


We're committed to helping our clients address the full range of cyber threats, including those that exploit human weaknesses. Our social engineering services are designed to provide comprehensive assessments, realistic simulations, targeted training, and a customised approach to help our clients improve their security posture against social engineering attacks.

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Our assessments include targeted training and education to help employees recognise and respond appropriately to social engineering attacks, improving their resilience and reducing the risk of successful attacks. Salus Cyber can help provide customised training based on the assessment findings and help ensure that employees are better prepared to respond to social engineering attacks.


By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities through social engineering assessments and targeted training, your organisation can improve its overall security posture and reduce the risk of successful cyber-attacks. Salus Cyber can help you achieve this goal by providing comprehensive social engineering services tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Some people may not be aware of some of the latest techniques used by threat actors. That’s why Salus Cyber conducts targeted awareness campaigns to educate employees about the risks of social engineering attacks and how to identify and report suspicious activity.


Difficulty in simulating realistic attack scenarios can limit the effectiveness of social engineering assessments. Salus Cyber can overcome this challenge by leveraging its experienced professionals and access to the latest techniques and tactics. By creating realistic simulations that closely resemble actual attacks, our assessments provide valuable insights into how employees would react in a real-world scenario, helping to improve overall security posture and reduce the risk of successful cyber-attacks.

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How we work

Customer Journey

  1. Identify

    First, we take time to familiarise ourselves with your business. This allows us to clearly understand your requirements, your business risks, your key pain-points, and the outcomes you’re looking for.

  2. Understand

    We turn those requirements into crystal-clear scoping and test plan documents, so you know precisely what we’ll be doing, when we will be doing it, and how we will do it.

  3. Test

    We deliver what we promised.

  4. Inform

    Every report we create is unique based on your business, we don’t use cookie cutter data for our summaries or our remediation plans. Our precise and concise findings brief will advise what steps your business needs to take next to reduce cyber risk.

  5. Remediate

    We can ensure that the remediation process is tracked and coordinated within your business, we will allocate resources to point you in the right directions or if you need our help directly with remediation, we’ve got you covered.

  6. Feedback

    Your opinion is important to us, so we send a questionnaire to every one of our customers after each project – so you can let us know how we did.

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