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Salus Cyber

Scenario & Red Teaming

Red Teaming

Simulate a real cyber attack.

Get ahead of the game and test your organisation with our Red Teaming Penetration Engagement led by our senior consultants.

Our red teaming service is designed to be a comprehensive test of your business’s security posture, designed to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your defences. Our company does this by simulating what an actual attack would look like against your business using the latest techniques and tactics. During the red team engagement, our consultants will use social engineering and phishing techniques to attempt to breach your physical security.

Here is an overview of our red teaming service:

Scoping: We begin by working with you to determine your specific business goals and help tailor the red team engagement towards your business objectives. Additionally, we discuss with you what is deemed in scope for the testing and what is not in scope.

Preparation: Once we have the required information, our team of highly certified consultants prepare for the red team engagement by looking for possible exploitative areas to create an action plan for the engagement

During the engagement, consultants will attempt to conduct reconnaissance undetected. Depending on the point of view that the assessment will be conducted, this could involve OSINT, external port scanning, stealthy network listening and manual enumeration.

The exploitation of issues will only be conducted as a last step of the engagement and with prior agreement from the client. Payloads and communications with C2 clients during this step will be obfuscated to assess whether your layers of detection can identify the activity.

Results: Once the engagement has been completed, our consultants will create a report written to high standards to list the path an attacker could take to exploit your business. The consultants’ actions are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to allow an objective comparison to known threat actors. Following this, a presentation of findings to the client is conducted, allowing an in-depth review of actions and a question-and-answer session.

First Line Dark


A red team engagement gives your business a chance to, in the event our consultants are discovered, or manage to infiltrate the network, to practice their incident response. This can help identify any gaps that may be present in your incident response plan.


Red team engagements can also help improve your employee’s awareness of what an attack may look like and help them better understand the real risk and impact of these attacks. It can also help encourage a work ethos where employees become more aware of the importance of reporting suspicious activity.


Due to these engagements involving actively probing your network, the risk of a consultant accidentally causing damage to a system is possible. Our team attempts to solve this issue by limiting attacks to non-destructive ones.


Red team engagements are quite resource-intensive because they require significant preparation. This type of testing also requires consultants who specialise in these types of engagements. Salus aims to solve this problem by hiring a wide variety of consultants, all with specialist knowledge in various technologies, to ensure that we can meet unusual or bespoke technologies in use.

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How we work

Customer Journey

  1. Identify

    First, we take time to familiarise ourselves with your business. This allows us to clearly understand your requirements, your business risks, your key pain-points, and the outcomes you’re looking for.

  2. Understand

    We turn those requirements into crystal-clear scoping and test plan documents, so you know precisely what we’ll be doing, when we will be doing it, and how we will do it.

  3. Test

    We deliver what we promised.

  4. Inform

    Every report we create is unique based on your business, we don’t use cookie cutter data for our summaries or our remediation plans. Our precise and concise findings brief will advise what steps your business needs to take next to reduce cyber risk.

  5. Remediate

    We can ensure that the remediation process is tracked and coordinated within your business, we will allocate resources to point you in the right directions or if you need our help directly with remediation, we’ve got you covered.

  6. Feedback

    Your opinion is important to us, so we send a questionnaire to every one of our customers after each project – so you can let us know how we did.

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