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Salus Cyber

Cyber Adversary Simulation


Cyber Adversary Simulation

The ultimate test of your Network, People and Site-security

Red teaming involves experienced consultants, known as the "red team," simulating attacks or adversarial scenarios to test the effectiveness of your security controls. The red team's objective is to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or potential points of failure that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Red teaming provides a realistic and wide-ranging assessment of security posture, surpassing the traditional methods used for penetration tests or vulnerability assessments. It helps organisations identify areas that require improvement by uncovering blind spots, validating existing security controls, and enhancing overall resilience against threats posed by cyber adversaries. The red team's findings and recommendations are used to refine security strategies, fortify defences, and enhance incident response capabilities.

Salus Cyber use a multi-layered approach to mimic these real world scenarios. Using objective based testing, we target every part of your company's network and physical infrastructure using the same techniques as a real adversary.

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