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Salus Cyber


Managed Services

Maintain security

Salus Cyber offers a range of managed services for long term improvement of your organisation’s security posture. Our services currently include Vulnerability Management and Software Lifecycle Review.

Vulnerability Management is a core tenant of operating and maintaining a resilient environment, as such, it is critically important to get it right. We offer Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) designed to provide your organisation with the highest level of protection against malware and exploitation. The advantage of vulnerability management over other security services such as penetration testing is cost effectiveness and scalability. Coupled with a centralised device management solution, vulnerability management can have an immense impact on the security posture of your entire digital estate.

The Salus Cyber managed software development lifecycle service is a structured and controlled approach to overseeing a software development project from initiation to completion, including code review, hardening, planning reviews, and eventual decommissioning. It involves a series of defined phases, processes, and activities to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality software.

Ensuring that your organisation’s infrastructure is secure throughout it’s lifecycle is a complex task, which Salus Cyber aims to make easier, and cost-efficient.

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