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Salus Cyber

Our Pledge

25 April 2022

We are proud to announce we have pledged with #respectinsecurity to become a member of the cyber security community committed to the prevention of all forms of harassment within our industry, keeping our workplace and community free from harassment and fear.

Respect In Security is a network made up of cybersecurity experts, backed by major organisations within the space, partnered with the Cyber Helpline.

Respect in Security stands against harassment both online and in the workplace. They offer organisations the opportunity to formally pledge their commitment to creating a workplace and professional community free from harassment and fear.

Their mission is to give victims and potential victims the knowledge that the industry they have chosen does not support these behaviours, and to arm, people entering cybersecurity with the knowledge that their peers and employers are there to support them should they ever be targeted. They aim to empower.

You can check out our pledge here

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