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Salus Cyber

line of defence

Known Knowns

Doing what you know needs to be done.

Build, maintain and test the foundations of your cyber risk strategy.
It’s all about control.

Identify how your assets are vulnerable, outline any cyber risks within your acceptable tolerances and implement protection controls.

We work with your information security team to establish formal policies, procedures and processes - then rigorously test these to identify, treat and mitigate risk.

First Line Dark

Client Project


The CISO for a billion-dollar turnover corporation needed an independent partner to help confirm and identify the current risk exposure across their global business infrastructure.

By partnering with Salus Cyber, the CISO was able to gain a trusted 3rd party to validate their existing vulnerabilities, whilst also delivering a vulnerability management program to address the confirmed risks.

Salus Cyber enabled and supported the CISO to create a vulnerability remediation working group, to analyse the progress and fixes throughout the global enterprise.

Our team also defined security lifecycles of products to provide assurance. Now testing and improvement activities are performed yearly highlighting to the CISO what assets have been lost to the ether of enterprise IT over time.

Salus Cyber has become a valuable technical resource the CISO relies on - complementing his team by aligning cyber security activities with business strategy and objectives.

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