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Auditing and ‘real life’ 360° testing your defence to ensure resilience from every angle, with clear guidance on how to improve.

Our mission is to support and empower you in realising your objectives, providing assistance every step of the way

Salus can provide experienced consultants who can meet your requirements. Whether you need a one-off security policy, cyber essentials certification, or a full risk assessment of your supply chain, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Professional Security


With Salus' comprehensive auditing services, organisations can effectively counteract cyber threats and minimise risks while fulfilling legal and compliance requirements. Our approach combines vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and continuous monitoring to secure sensitive data, reduce potential breaches, and ensure alignment with industry best practices. By relying on our meticulous auditing process, businesses strengthen their security posture, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding their valued digital assets in the face of persistent cybersecurity challenges.

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Cyber Essentials

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) developed and supports the Cyber Essentials programme, a widely recognised baseline standard for cybersecurity aimed at defending organisations against prevalent digital risks. Obtaining Cyber Essentials certification validates an organisation's dedication to safeguarding its assets and reputation by adhering to essential security controls and mitigating the impact of potential breaches. By implementing these foundational measures, businesses can ensure a strong cybersecurity foundation, providing clients, partners, and stakeholders with confidence in their digital resilience and potentially unlocking new market opportunities requiring such certifications.

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Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis service reviews your organisation's current state and compares it to your desired objectives or industry standards. Through comprehensive assessment, we identify areas for improvement and provide actionable insights to bridge these gaps, ensuring your business is aligned with best practices and poised for success.

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Incident Response Exercises

Incident Response Exercises (IRE) allow you to review whether your internal processes are robust enough to deal with an incident. At Salus, we emphasise the importance of IREs in fine-tuning your team's response capabilities. These simulated scenarios identify potential weaknesses in your incident response plan and ensure that your team is well-prepared and can act decisively in the face of a real threat.

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Policy / Framework Implementation

Salus provides comprehensive support throughout the entire development lifecycle of security policies and management systems, tailoring guidance to meet each organisation's unique needs. Our services range from creating standalone policies to implementing full-scale ISO27001 compliance programmes, ensuring a secure and resilient digital infrastructure aligned with industry best practices. By collaborating closely with our clients, Salus ensures the successful creation, implementation, and maintenance of security policies, fostering continuous improvement in risk management and cybersecurity posture.

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Strategy and Roadmap Development Outsourcing

Strategy and roadmap development services aim to enhance an organisation's strategic guidance by crafting adaptable cybersecurity strategies that stay abreast of current and anticipated risks while aligning with industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and business objectives, ensuring long-term success in the evolving digital threat landscape. These services help organisations maintain a competitive edge by providing tailored, forward-looking security strategies that anticipate emerging threats and capitalise on evolving trends.

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Supply Chain Consultancy

The need for heightened supply chain security has never been more pronounced due to the current business environment's interconnectivity. As businesses expand their networks, the potential risks and vulnerabilities within supply chains grow exponentially.

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Salus has provided an excellent level of service to DEFRA and could not be happier with the levels of engagement, skill sets, performance and capability of the Salus team. I would certainly recommend them as a supplier for security testing and other capabilities.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

I have never witnessed any other supplier go to the lengths Salus Cyber has, to make our organisation a safer and more cyber secure place to do business.

CISO at Global Defence Prime

Salus have been instrumental in our IT CHECK‘s, as well as being our assessor for Cyber Essentials Plus. Their approach is refreshing, they are approachable, helpful, very knowledgeable, flexible and we would thoroughly recommend them.

The Nelson Trust

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