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Penetration Testing

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Maturity

SOC maturity assessment based on MITRE ATT&CK and pass/fail criteria measures your SOC's detection effectiveness, highlights gaps, and offers guidance for enhancing tooling and addressing capability deficiencies, ensuring continuous improvement in real-world TTP detection.

In cybersecurity, SOC stands for Security Operations Centre

Do you have a SOC? Are you confident in their effectiveness? A SOC maturity assessment is similar to purple teaming but without as much collaboration by the red and blue teams.

The approach for this type of test is more audit-like. It involves the effectiveness of the detection capabilities in line with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Each test is performed with a pass/fail criteria. Any gaps in capability are highlighted for the blue team to investigate further, with guidance for improving the fine-tuning of tooling and capability gaps. This is designed to be a repeatable, short-term evaluation of your SOC’s effectiveness, used to quantify the detection of common TTPs used by real-world attackers.

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