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CHECK Penetration Testing (ITHC)

CHECK was developed for government departments, public sector bodies, and the organisations forming the UK’s critical national infrastructure (CNI) to gain external, independent assurance; however, many private sectors within these supply chains elect to perform CHECK testing to demonstrate adherence to good practices and meet contractual obligations.

CHECK is the scheme under which NCSC-approved companies can conduct authorised penetration tests of public sector and CNI systems and networks. Companies providing CHECK services use staff with NCSC-approved qualifications and suitable experience.

A CHECK ITHC should ensure that your organisation’s scoped assessment has a realistic threat scenario and should not just be considered a box-ticking exercise. Adding this threat modelling helps you design testing with outcomes that will help prove whether your scoped element is vulnerable to the threats you identified. A good example is on air-gapped networks; many organisations request a simple penetration test, whereas scoping the ITHC as a malicious insider or rogue administrator scenario can prove far more helpful in identifying risks and attack vectors that may be unknown.

Penetration tests will be conducted using NCSC-recognised methods. The subsequent report and its recommendations are meticulously crafted to a recognised standard. They are reviewed by the NCSC, ensuring the highest level of quality.

CHECK Penetration Testing (ITHC) Services

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What do I get from an ITHC provider?

  • Security vetted testers who have been evaluated against stringent trust and integrity requirements.
  • Defined point of contact for quality assurance and management of your commissioned task.
  • Testing methodologies approved by the NCSC, which specify:
    • Mandate that any testing undertaken cannot cause damage to the systems they are testing.
    • Quality audit controls are applied to a defined standard.
    • No residual artefacts created because of the test remain in the client environment. Additionally, in case any of these get overlooked, a full breakdown of the indicators of compromise that might occur in the logs and monitoring systems is provided to the company.
    • Any residual changes which cannot be reversed are notified to enable post-testing recovery.
    • Systems under test are returned to their original state.
    • Testing assignments are conducted impartially and deliver technical results, including recommendations which have regard to value for money.
    • Any conflicts of interest are managed effectively and disclosed with full transparency.
    • Any recommendations associated with additional products or services where we have a commercial interest are objective and reflect the full range of options in the market.
    • Testing proposals focus on efficiency and value for money.
    • Reporting quality is of an assured standard independently audited by the National Technical Authority so that you can trust the accuracy.
    • You have access to NCSC as the national authority directly should you have concerns about our service quality.
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