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Managed Security

Mapping and defining policies, frameworks, tools, and techniques to protect your most valuable assets to minimise your risk profile.

Engage our organisation's collective knowledge and experience by leveraging our team's combined skills and insights

By outsourcing your cyber requirements to Salus, you tap into our organisation’s whole expertise for services such as our security operations centre to provide monitoring and security management of your systems and devices.

Managed Security Services

Attack Surface Management

Salus offers managed Attack Surface Management (ASM) services to help you manage your digital footprint and minimise exposure to external threats. ASM provides you the ability to take a proactive approach to protect your web applications, cloud services, and external network infrastructure.

Find & Fix

‘Find & Fix’ offers a comprehensive environment audit that identifies vulnerabilities across networks, computers, servers, and virtual machines. Our service goes beyond just identifying the issues; we also provide remediation guidance to resolve these problems effectively.

Incident Exercise

Simulate a cyber security incident and benchmark your organisation’s resilience against cyber-attacks and readiness to recover from controlled incidents. Salus can offer a range of incident exercises, including malicious insider simulations, data exfiltration assessments, SOC capability assessment, and phishing resilience assessments.

Managed CISO/vCISO

Enhance your organisation's cybersecurity posture with our vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service. At Salus, we offer expert guidance and strategic leadership to help you navigate the complex landscape of information security.

We provide comprehensive cybersecurity expertise tailored to your specific business needs. Our dedicated team of professionals collaborates closely with your organisation to develop and implement effective security strategies.

Managed Cyber Security Consultancy

Salus can offer dedicated expertise in cybersecurity and information security. Our flexible arrangement allows organisations to integrate experienced consultants into their teams for a time frame tailored to their needs. Whether it's proactive risk assessments, policy development, or incident response planning, our team addresses your unique challenges and priorities.

With our security consultants, you gain access to expertise and resources without the overhead of full-time hires, ensuring comprehensive protection against cyber threats while optimising your security investments.

Managed Phishing Services

Our Managed Phishing Service assesses if your employees are ready to detect and defeat social engineering attacks by threat actors.

Our security team will integrate our software into your infrastructure and execute targeted phishing exercises against your personnel. By simulating real-world scenarios and tailoring attacks to your organisation, we can uncover weaknesses and provide training to empower your workforce to recognise and act securely.

Managed SOC

Managed SOC is a managed detection and response service that leverages Salus’s internal capability and expertise to detect and respond to malicious activity against your assets. With Salus’ extensive penetration testing history, we know how cybercriminals think and operate, and together with our advanced analytics, we can identify and mitigate even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Managed Supply Chain Service

Our Managed Supply Chain Service allows organisations to assess and fortify the security of their supply chain. Our consultants are available to manage and enhance your supply chain security on a flexible basis.

The service includes crafting and administering security questionnaires, conducting risk assessments or audits, and guiding organisations in making informed risk-based decisions.

Penetration Testing as a Service

To protect against an attacker, you must think like an attacker. Salus specialises in delivering penetration testing capability for both commercial and governmental clients. By conducting penetration testing, your organisation can identify weaknesses in products and environments before they materialise into a costly cyber security incident. Our penetration testing service covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure and products, including on-premises and cloud deployed infrastructure, web applications, mobile applications and more.

Risk as a Service

Gaining specific security advice for your business can be daunting and expensive or require hours of research. Salus is here to answer your queries, whether it’s a 15-minute meeting to discuss a question, or 2 hours to review a tender. Our experienced consultants are here to answer any of your security needs. Only pay for the time you use.

Vulnerability Management

We offer three (3) different variations of vulnerability management, depending on your environment, technology stacks, and budget:

  • On premise network-based scanning.
  • On premise agents.
  • Cloud-connected agents.

Each of these services can be performed at a cadence that fits your patching schedule, and reporting can be customised based on your preference; as a standard we have web-based dashboards, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint managements summaries.

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Our Approach

Whatever you're protecting, we apply defence grade cyber security skills whilst taking into consideration the realities of day-to-day business operations. We help our customers to address their known - and their unknown - cyber risks.

Salus has provided an excellent level of service to DEFRA and could not be happier with the levels of engagement, skill sets, performance and capability of the Salus team. I would certainly recommend them as a supplier for security testing and other capabilities.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

I have never witnessed any other supplier go to the lengths Salus Cyber has, to make our organisation a safer and more cyber secure place to do business.

CISO at Global Defence Prime

Salus have been instrumental in our IT CHECK‘s, as well as being our assessor for Cyber Essentials Plus. Their approach is refreshing, they are approachable, helpful, very knowledgeable, flexible and we would thoroughly recommend them.

The Nelson Trust

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