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Data Protection

Salus helps you establish and maintain the required documentation and processes for DPA 2018/GDPR compliance.

We ensure you have the proper documentation

Since the UK government has enshrined the GDPR into the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), businesses must maintain appropriate compliance. Many organisations ask their supply chain to demonstrate their compliance with the legislation. At Salus, we ensure you have the proper documentation and processes to achieve and maintain compliance.

Data Protection Services


A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a formal approach to considering the risks to the rights and freedoms of individuals of the proposed processing. For instance, if processing personal information is likely to result in a high risk to data subjects’ rights and freedoms, you should carry out a DPIA. We can provide DPIAs for your organisation or provide training and templates to enable you to keep your personal data safe.


Salus can provide an emergency named DPO to cover periods of absence. Our trained professionals will ensure that you are always covered and prepared to deal with the intricacies of the Data Protection Act.

Data Protection Consultancy

Have questions on GDPR and its implications for your company? Salus consultants will help you understand your responsibility and the steps you need to take to comply with data protection laws.

Data Protection Policies and Privacy Notices

The GDPR requires you to demonstrate your compliance through documentation. We can provide you with a tailored and cost-effective privacy policy to satisfy the GDPR requirements and outline to suppliers and customers how you use their data.

GDPR Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis helps organisations identify areas where their data protection practices do not align with the current requirements of the GDPR. The gap analysis allows organisations to gain true insight into how they comply with the legislation, address any areas of non-compliance, and improve their overall data protection programme.

Third Party Agreements and Assessments

If you are an organisation that uses third party processors and suppliers, we can help you draft appropriate data processing agreements, or privacy clauses, for your contracts. We can also carry out third party assessments of data processors to ensure you comply with your due diligence requirements under Article 28.

Training and Awareness

The current Data Protection Act and the GDPR require businesses to provide privacy training to their staff. We can develop and deliver tailored privacy training to help you satisfy your needs and ensure your staff understand the requirements of the legislation.

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Our Approach

Whatever you're protecting, we apply defence grade cyber security skills whilst taking into consideration the realities of day-to-day business operations. We help our customers to address their known - and their unknown - cyber risks.

Salus has provided an excellent level of service to DEFRA and could not be happier with the levels of engagement, skill sets, performance and capability of the Salus team. I would certainly recommend them as a supplier for security testing and other capabilities.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

I have never witnessed any other supplier go to the lengths Salus Cyber has, to make our organisation a safer and more cyber secure place to do business.

CISO at Global Defence Prime

Salus have been instrumental in our IT CHECK‘s, as well as being our assessor for Cyber Essentials Plus. Their approach is refreshing, they are approachable, helpful, very knowledgeable, flexible and we would thoroughly recommend them.

The Nelson Trust

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